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2012-11-21 00:53:04 by kiareri

Wow, I checked my NG today and I notice, the sculpture I did a long time ago is now on the front page!
Thanks you guys! That means a lot to me! So I submitted two for things that I did a long time ago. You guys
are differently showing me more love than the people at deviantart are. Thanks!


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2012-11-21 05:25:10

I have a dA account, but rarely use it (since I'm not in the Art game anymore). Looks too much like a 'mutual admiration society', and not a venue for critiques or suggestions.
Told ya man... the realism in that piece was striking :) People notice the amount of detail and respond accordingly..

kiareri responds:

Thanks man! I knew it was before, but now I really know! Lol.