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Anime CrossRoads AfterMath

2012-12-13 02:11:19 by kiareri

Just got back from Anime Crossroads, It was extremely fun. Got to meet a bunch of people! Thank you for those of you who came to see me! It was an awesome experience. I felt really surprised at the amount of people who left with a piece of my artwork. It made me feel happy that people actually like what I do! Kind of motivates me more to keep on painting. Thank You everyone for your support and hopefully I will see you again in another convention or next year at Anime Crossroads.



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2013-01-05 11:28:23

Really got kick out of the Luna picture, instant favorite!
Have you gotten any commission work since your vacation and the anime convention?
I saw you did some work for a racetrack, have you ever been to a racetrack or dragstrip?

kiareri responds:

I have not. Just been doing some graphic design stuff. It seems like a lot of people don't want to commission some of the work on do with digital painting. But yeah I worked on a id bummer fora race track. I've been to the indy 500. But that's about it.