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Edit a submission Error!!!!!!

2013-08-11 11:03:45 by kiareri

So every time I try to edit any submission, even if its a painting, or audio, I always get an error. I wonder when Newgrounds is going to fix this? I brought it up with Tom, but he never replied to my questions. This is very frustrating and it makes me not want to post here anymore. Does this happen to any of you? Do you know a solution to this problem? Let me know.



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2013-08-11 12:39:53

Yep, Firefox right? Has uploading problem on Chrome too. Look like Luis spilled beer on Wade's server again!

kiareri responds:

Probably, am I the only one experiencing this?


2013-08-11 14:29:32

If you had a problem with your copy of Windows, you wouldn't expect Bill Gates to resolve it

So why do people expect an immediate answer from the site owner when they could get a just-as-good response from either Portal/Art mods, or dumping a query in the Where Is/How To forum?

kiareri responds:

Well, he did say on one of his post that if we run into a problem with the website and can't find a solution through the forums, to inform him. That's what I did. And it's different if he misses up once and a while, but it misses up all the time every time. Makes it quite annoying.