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Entry #19

This week's Let's draw anime is Doctor who RAP!

2014-01-21 05:07:23 by kiareri


Let's Draw Anime - Doctor Who plus Eleventh Hour Rap Song  Sorry for not posting the last couple of week, so I decided to post a big one. This week is Doctor Who's Matt Smith. I decided to make a rap song out of this song too. Yep that's me rapping and singing and I made the beat. Let me know how I did and if you like it please share! If I get at lease 1000 views on this song, I'll make a song about Final Fantasy and do an art piece for it too. Again thank you for subscribing! You guys are awesome! 

Check out the rap song


========================================­­=== Time: art 1 hours and 30 minutes, music a couple of days.  Software: Adobe Photoshop, fL studio, mixcraft.  Facebook Turn yourself into an anime character!


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