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This week's Let's draw anime is Doctor who RAP!

2014-01-21 05:07:23 by kiareri


Let's Draw Anime - Doctor Who plus Eleventh Hour Rap Song  Sorry for not posting the last couple of week, so I decided to post a big one. This week is Doctor Who's Matt Smith. I decided to make a rap song out of this song too. Yep that's me rapping and singing and I made the beat. Let me know how I did and if you like it please share! If I get at lease 1000 views on this song, I'll make a song about Final Fantasy and do an art piece for it too. Again thank you for subscribing! You guys are awesome! 

Check out the rap song


========================================­­=== Time: art 1 hours and 30 minutes, music a couple of days.  Software: Adobe Photoshop, fL studio, mixcraft.  Facebook Turn yourself into an anime character!

This week's Let's draw anime

2013-12-02 14:50:46 by kiareri

Is Lucy from Fairy Tail. You can check it out painting from beginning to end at

Submission Errors

2013-09-04 23:19:00 by kiareri


Edit a submission Error!!!!!!

2013-08-11 11:03:45 by kiareri

So every time I try to edit any submission, even if its a painting, or audio, I always get an error. I wonder when Newgrounds is going to fix this? I brought it up with Tom, but he never replied to my questions. This is very frustrating and it makes me not want to post here anymore. Does this happen to any of you? Do you know a solution to this problem? Let me know.


Horizon Bear update

2013-06-27 07:29:17 by kiareri

This weekend, I'll be drawing Sailor moon. For the weekly Let's draw anime videos.
Do you have an anime you know would be perfect for my channel? If so let me know and
I might draw it!

Horizon Bear update


2013-06-03 15:28:20 by kiareri

Here is a video I made for me and my wife's honeymoon at Kelley's Island. It's a beautiful place.

Just got married.

2013-05-27 00:23:14 by kiareri

So your boy just got married. We had an awesome time at the wedding. I got a wife!!! wow.

Anime CrossRoads AfterMath

2012-12-13 02:11:19 by kiareri

Just got back from Anime Crossroads, It was extremely fun. Got to meet a bunch of people! Thank you for those of you who came to see me! It was an awesome experience. I felt really surprised at the amount of people who left with a piece of my artwork. It made me feel happy that people actually like what I do! Kind of motivates me more to keep on painting. Thank You everyone for your support and hopefully I will see you again in another convention or next year at Anime Crossroads.


Anime Cross Roads

2012-11-29 20:32:19 by kiareri

So, just got some prints done for Anime Cross Road. I got a table there this year. I hope its a good turn out. If you are in Indianapolis and wanna say hi to me there here is the info for the convention.

It's next week. 12-7-12 to 12-9-12

Final Fantasy Secret Santa

2012-11-22 08:52:25 by kiareri

Hey guys, I'm doing a Secret Santa with a Final Fantasy theme on Deviantart. So if you have a DA account and would like to get artwork in exchange for giving artwork to someone else, check it out. a-update-338704547